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Alexandra C.
  • Ab 20 /h
  • Wien
1 1-mal eingestellt
Private english lessons that fill your heart
| Do you have problems speaking?Are you afraid of making mistakes all the time?If you have answered yes to both of the questions, my help is just a message away. I`ve been learning English my whole life, and exactly two years ago I have finished a teaching trainning programe in the heart of Vienna. Even though my trainning was exclusively designed for adults ,I have already tutored kids with excellent results. My favorite motto i :The idea that the harder you work, the better you're going to be is just garbage. The greatest improvement is made by the man or woman who works most intelligently. I am an English teacher with passion for both written words and teaching, that uses this passion to connect students to the material. I possess good presentation and communication skills that ensure students learn the material presented as well as they can. My greatest strengths are my ability to understand and meet the needs of individual children and families. I have a clear understanding of the importance of confidentiality and being able to provide a stimulating, caring and consistent environment for pupils. My qualification in English gives me the opportunity to effectively communicate with students from diverse backgrounds or varying degrees of ability. I am a committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performanceby encouraging a positive and energetic environment. I love to teach students how to read, write and speak English in a large and successful comprehensive. I provide a classroom presence by putting students first by demonstrating energy, vision and creativity. I like to create a classroom atmosphere that is comfortable and at the same time stimulating, thereby helping students to grasp grammar and furthering their knowledge of literature .
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Der durchschnittliche Stundenlohn für Englischlehrer liegt in Österreich zwischen €15 und €19.
Anthony M.
  • Ab 20 /h
  • Wien
Native English Speaker from the U.S.
| Hello, my name is Anthony. These short biographies are kind of annoying to write so instead I'll write myself an interview. If you have any further questions my e-mail is at the bottom. Q: Where am I from? A: I was born in Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A. but grew up in Portland, Oregon. Q: How long have I been speaking English? A: I can't actually remember when exactly I spoke my first words, but one could say that I've been speaking English my entire life. Q: How long have I been offering private lessons or instruction? A: I have been offering English lessons for the past year, saxophone instruction for the past two or three years, and have also coached a men's high school lacrosse team. Something I find interesting about this website is that there are other instructors younger than me listing over ten years of experience even though they are around 20 years old, which means that they have been offering private lessons since they were 10 years old. Q: What did I study? A: I have a bachelor degree in economics with a minor in jazz studies. It's worth noting that I spent six years in an undergraduate program, where I also studied psychology, sociology, mathematics, biology, writing, business, international studies, German, and a few other courses here and there. By Austrian standards I have nearly two bachelor degrees, so I am certainly prepared to help with a broad array of subjects. Q: What kinds of students have I had? A: I have offered lessons to children, teenagers, adults, and academic professionals. All of them have different needs and I try to find the most appropriate methods to maintain the momentum of progress. Q: What if a student has an upcoming deadline and needs to make a lot of progress very quickly, how can I help? A: Oh well I am definitely a great asset in these situations. I have a great deal of experience in research, writing academic essays, presenting speeches, performing, and test taking all under strict deadlines. Something I like to go over with my students in these situations is the psychology of learning and how we can consciously manipulate how we learn in order to perform more effectively in these situations. It's hard work, but it yields results. Q: When am I available? A: I am going to stay in Austria until the winter holidays, and until then I will be making myself available during the week as well as the weekend. We can also set up a time to go over something online using Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, etc. Q: How much do I charge? A: That depends on what we are doing and for how long we plan on doing it. The average price per hour for a native speaker with my qualifications in Austria is €30 per hour, but I am always open to negotiation. Q: When can I start? A: It's possible that I can start with less than a day's notice, just send me an e-mail for a quicker response and we'll try to set something up. Q: Was that a great interview or what? A: Yes, definitely.
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